Fish farming and service vessels

Norway is the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon. The Norwegian aquaculture industry has developed to become an industry of major importance in the country.

Premas has a long history for working closely together with the industry. Premaster is the market leading Safety Management System for service vessels to the fish farming industry in Norway.

Premaster enables customers to manage critical maintenance operations on vessels and fish farms. Users can also report events, administer documents and procedures, and provide decision support for management and personnel in office and onboard the vessels.

Benefits of using Premaster in fish farming

Premaster is widely used by staff working onboard fish farming production facilities and service vessels. By using Premaster, management can use the Dashboard to view status of important processes. Also, crew can easily get access to the latest versions of the Safety Management System and operational procedures. The technical responsible will easily get an overview of upcoming maintenance jobs and maintenance history.

Flexible modules
Tightly integrated modules allows efficient and safe operations.
Made for the crew
Easy to use for the crew and suitable for all vessel types.
Centralized administration
Centralized administration of users and access rights.
Dashboard to get status of HSEQ events, maintenance performance and technical certificates.
Configuration of business processes
Configuration of work processes according to company standards.
Available on different platforms, both desktop and mobile.

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