Manage ship planned maintenance, purchasing and quality management / ISM in an easy manner

Premaster covers the needs both on the ship and the shore side to support a seamless and efficient operation.

Premaster is a complete solution for several industries like offshore, shipping, coast guard, search and rescue vessels, fisheries, passenger vessels and fish farming. Choose between modules for ship-planned maintenance and Quality Management / ISM.

Ship planned maintenance consists of Planned Maintenance, Ship Certificates, Shipyard Projects, and Procurement.

Quality Management / ISM consists of HSEQ Reporting, Risk Assessment, Document Administration, and Crew Management.

Ship-plannedPremaster keeps the information between ship and shore synchronized, and makes relevant data available for personnel in the company.

Quick and easy implementation by using Premaster GO

Premaster GO provides crew with easy access to ship certificates, events reporting, maintenance plan and maintenance jobs performed.  Crew are also able to document ad-hoc maintenance jobs through a modern and intuitive interface.

Get insights and predictability for more efficient operations

The Premaster GO dashboard enables management and other key personnel to monitor the status of reported events, ship certificates, maintenance work and other important areas of operation.

How it works

Premaster is a distributed solution which is implemented in office and onboard vessels, fish farms or other installations. The Premaster Desktop application contains rich functionality and is often used by administrators and expert users in office or onboard ships/installations.

The Premaster GO application can also be used at any location, but is aimed at users which need easy access to the most common functionality and dashboards. Both applications use the same database so information registered by one application can immediately be viewed by users of the other application. A modern, replicated database system is used so that e.g. a user on a vessel can work locally on the vessel database. Vessel and office databases are synchronized regularly using a well-proven replication method.

Some of the key benefits

Flexible modules
Tightly integrated modules allows efficient and safe operations.
Made for the crew
Easy to use for the crew and suitable for all vessel types.
Centralized administration
Centralized administration of users and access rights.
Dashboard to get status of HSEQ events, maintenance performance and technical certificates.
Configuration of business processes
Configuration of work processes according to company standards.
Available on different platforms, both desktop and mobile.

Want to know more about what we can do for you?

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