Offshore Support Vessels

Premaster has been used onboard offshore support vessels for decades, and in all regions of the world. Vessel owners use Premaster as their ship administration suite of choice to manage a variety of vessels, e.g. Anchor Handling, Platform Supply Vessels and Cable Laying Vessels.

Engines and complex equipment are managed in the Premaster maintenance module. Spare parts are purchased directly from the vessel or through the ship manager’s central office function.

Critical operations are planned thoroughly and risk assessments are performed by using the Risk Assessment module. The Safety Management System is reviewed and distributed electronically, and available for office and onboard personnel.

The reporting module is used to register and analyze HSEQ events throughout the fleet.

Customer feedback
Uksnøy & Co AS started with implementation of the PreMaster Document Module in 2014. Before this, document controls were done manually through following up routines by e-mails including local filing on servers. Now the system ensure that the latest versions and audit trails are kept in PreMaster. Distribution of documents to the vessels in our fleet are done through the replication functions in PreMaster and relevant personnel sign for received documents. I save time and have strengthened the document version control, all tracked in PreMaster.

Benefits of using Premaster for Offshore Support Vessels

Premaster is used onboard offshore support vessels all over the world. By using Premaster, management can use the Dashboard to view status of important processes. Also, crew can easily get access to the latest versions of the Safety Management System and operational procedures. The technical department will easily get an overview of upcoming maintenance jobs and maintenance history on the vessels in the fleet.

Flexible modules
Tightly integrated modules allows efficient and safe operations.
Made for the crew
Easy to use for the crew and suitable for all vessel types.
Centralized administration
Centralized administration of users and access rights.
Dashboard to get status of HSEQ events, maintenance performance and technical certificates.
Configuration of business processes
Configuration of work processes according to company standards.
Available on different platforms, both desktop and mobile.

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