Asset integrity and rental system for both internal and external parties

Maisy is an asset integrity and management system with modules for assets, maintenance, spare parts, purchase, stock and logistics. Maintain and document the asset integrity required by internal and external parties.

Asset Integrity Management

By using Maisy, Oil & offshore service companies can maintain and document the asset integrity required by internal and external parties.

In addition to traditional maintenance and repair jobs, assurance activities can be planned and executed to ensure that the assets comply with the performance standards defined in your SCE (Safety critical elements) document.

In order to maintain or repair the assets, spare parts must be available. Spare parts are procured through a process where Maisy supports manual demand, min/max, net requirements based on planned activities, requisitions, requests for quotation and purchasing.

When purchase orders are received, Maisy supports onshore receipt and cargo manifest for shipping the parts to the end destination as well as onshore storage. Maisy also supports shipping notes when sending assets or spare parts for repair, service etc. This gives you full overview of all of your assets current location.

Import functions are available for assets, spare parts, maintenance jobs and standard work routines.

Asset Rental

A rental order is created for assets to be rented out. Assets can be priced manually or by using a price book. When the order is picked, a delivery ticket that documents the equipment can be created. Issuing the delivery ticket will automatically start the rental and change the stock status of the asset.

When assets are returned from rental on a return ticket, the rental is automatically stopped, and pre planned maintenance or inspection jobs are automatically issued. Inspection and certification jobs can be scheduled by calendar, counter or the number of days the asset has been used.

The close integration between rental order, pick list, delivery ticket and stock issues gives your company an excellent control of the location of your assets at any time.

Custom implementation

The Maisy application can be configured to integrate to your business processes. Our Maisy consultants will assist you in the configuration process to ensure that you are able to optimize according to your needs.

Get insights and predictability for more efficient operations

The Maisy appication package enables management and other key personnel to monitor the status of maintenance jobs, procurement processes, rentals and other important areas of operation.

How it works

Maisy is a distributed solution which is implemented in office and onboard rigs, vessels or other installations. The Maisy Desktop application contains rich functionality and is used in office or onboard rigs/vessels.

The Maisy Web application can also be used at any location, but is aimed at users which need easy access to the most common functionality and dashboards. Both applications use the same database so information registered by one application can immediately be viewed by users of the other application. A modern, replicated database system is used so that e.g. a user on a rig can work locally. Office and and rig/vessel databases are synchronized regularly using a well-proven replication method.

Some of the key benefits

Flexible modules
Tightly integrated modules allows efficient and safe operations.
Centralized administration
Centralized administration of users and access rights.
Configuration of business processes
Configuration of work processes according to company standards.

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