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April 17, 2018

New version of Premaster

A new version of Premaster will be released in April, which includes a completely redesigned maintenance module, making the program much more user-friendly. There are also many new features for customers to use.

The previous version of Premaster was released back in March 2017. At the time, the emphasis was on offering new functions for fleet management. Users will see a completely redesigned maintenance module in the new version which is being launched in April. The redesign has a much simpler user interface. Several windows have been combined, so that users can now see most things in the maintenance module from one place. This makes it easier for users and also offers many new opportunities. From a single window, you can view equipment, maintenance tasks, spare parts, history, common procedures and work order templates, in addition to both old and new functions. You can use the office system to work with several vessels at the same time. 

New functions have been provided, including job status and the option to start larger jobs which will be carried out over time, in addition to the internal allocation of jobs. The new maintenance module has the same layout as other modules in the system, making it easy for users to find their way around. The new maintenance module contains many useful features, while at the same time incorporating all of the know-how and experience built up by Premas throug working closely with users over many years.

Premas’ development department has been working hard over the past year to make Premaster 2.14 an even better tool for old and new customers alike. From left: Turid Tomren, Helge Rønstad, Gunn-Iren Solheim, Jan-Gerhard Remøy, Olaf Brungot and Vegard Øvrelid.

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