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June 28, 2018

Premaster for fisheries

Since the first version of Premaster was first used on fishing vessels, over 100 vessels have started using the system.

Premaster has grown from being purely a maintenance system to a complete ship management system covering everything from maintenance, procurement routines, safety routines and documentation, operation, staffing and reporting, both internally and in relation to the authorities. Premaster is used in the fisheries sector by major players such as Havfisk, Royal Greenland and Polar Seafood as well as customers with only one or a few vessels in their fleet. Premaster is flexible and can be used very effectively on both small and large vessels. Following the launch of Premaster Go by Premas, users have found the system simple to use, even in cases where they have not used such systems before.

Havfisk is one of the companies that has been using Premaster for many years. Pictured is Nordtind, which was launched in January from Vard and is equipped with a complete Premaster system.

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